We at Designer Landscapes Ltd have an extensive range of expertise and skill along with a huge range of our own equipment, to carry out your project large or small – we undertake all. When it comes to installation, we can manage the construction of almost anything outside the residence. Designer Landscapes Ltd. is one of the largest landscape contractors in south–west area of Ireland. We have the experience and capacity to handle any size and scope of a project. Our experience has seen us work on Golf Courses, Football Pitches, Industrial Estates, Retail Parks and Residential Sites. Our vast array of machinery and skilled staff make us more than capable of completing your project to the highest standard possible within budget and on time!

The ground must be prepared properly so that you can create the soil, sub base and patio area, with adequate drainage to ensure the longevity of your landscape project

We offer the following Construction Services:

Hard Landscaping

Soft Landscaping

Build Life Outdoors…

Site Clearance
In order to clear the site and making it ready for the construction

Ground Preparation
The ground must be prepared properly so that the new hedge plants establish and grow away well, shading out competing growth after a couple of seasons.

Site Drainage
Excess water can lead to property damage and unusable land, but our staff will show you drainage solutions to take care of the problem.

Nightscaping is the art of highlighting the natural visual elements of your landscaping and architecture to dramatically enhance and extend the optimum viewing hours of your property.

Bespoke Garden Structures
A garden can be greatly enhanced by adding a feature such as pizza oven, bbq, swimming pool or summer house. We can design and build these out of any material including stone, glass, and timber. These really can be a show stopper in the garden